It Was Only A moment

Poem by a Sidwell Student
Art by Heidy Martinez | St. John's College High School

Standing out there

Hand raised in the air

With a fist so tight

Out here fighting for our rights

Forcing everyone to see

That you don’t matter more than me

As the cars pass by

Drivers’ fists up high

Whistling and honking horns

Holding signs that have been worn

Signs that scream for human rights

Rights only enjoyed by whites

Signs that say that Black Lives Matter

Enough is Enough, Say Their Names

Signs that remind us every day

How America hasn’t changed

Equality for all is not a given

Why is this the way we’re livin’?

It’s been 400 years and racism runs rampant

America, how have you let this happen?

Why don’t you care about us, what have we done to you?

Other than build this country up and endure what you put us through.

As I see these signs pass by

Little Black fists are held up high

Thunder booming through the rain

Even God has something to say

As the rain pours down my fist

Drenching my clothes, I persist I persist no matter what

We will not give up

Rain and tears soak my skin

Reminding me of who I am

Tears for my father, tears for my brother

Why do you see them as less than another?

Tears reminding me that I’m okay

That I’m alive and well today

Reminding me to keep on fighting,

Keep on protesting, keep on writing

Reminding me that the unity I felt

Was only a moment.

But a moment becomes a movement.

A movement becomes a bill, a law, an amendment.

A movement leads to change.

Change leads to progress.

And progress leads to equality.

Today, tomorrow, and every day,

Black Lives Matter.