Inlight Workshop with keynote speaker Tony Weaver


Thanks to the nearly 100 students and educators from across 30 DC area schools who came to the InLight workshop! Some highlights: unveiling our new name, InLight, announcing our Ambassadors program and InLight Toolkit, and hearing from our keynote Tony Weaver Jr. Weaver is the founder and CEO of Weird Enough Productions and has been the recipient of the Leadership Prize and the Black Excellence Award. We strive to live his words of "making our stories as nuanced and multifaceted as we are as human beings." Looking forward to working with these high and middle schoolers to make InLight a reality at their schools. More images from our workshop are featured below.

The Princeton Prize and InLight Magazine


We are excited to announce that three out of the nine recipients of the 2018 Certificate of Accomplishment from the Washington, DC Princeton Prize in Race Relations received their award because of their work with InLight. The three seniors are Jessica Jackson (Washington International School), Sydney Smith (Bullis School) and Eve Strickberger (Sidwell Friends School).

They won the Certificate, which awards students for their work in improving race relations, in part because of their work with "InLight." Jesse helped introduce "InLight" to WIS and coordinated WIS' involvement in the DC regional winter issue. Sydney talked to Bullis' administration and successfully created Bullis' very own "InLight." Through "InLight," she also pushed the administration to create more spaces at school for improving race relations. Eve was instrumental in expanding the reach of the DC regional winter issue to 12 schools and helped three schools start their own versions of "InLight."