Beneath the surface

Art by Ishaan Barrett | Maret '22

By Maddie Hammer | Bullis

“How are you doing?”

My lips say fine before my heart says the truth.

I know what they’re thinking when they see the smile on my face. The facade, it’s not always that easy to place.

What we see is the truth, right? Because I wasn’t smiling to hide my true emotions, but solely with delight.

People assume this and assume that, we make judgements about others. We assume we know how they’re thinking, our sisters and our brothers.

But even if someone is near and dear to our hearts, people go about their days wearing masks to hide, and yet again and again it's completely denied.

We ask the basic yet are blind to the faux, because once asked is forgotten and our perceptions are bought-in. We go about our days and slowly begin to faze.

It’s easy to conform, easy to give in and ignore. But let’s take that extra step, ask how they’re really doing and figure out whose pain we could be undoing.