Revolutionary address

By Ra'mya Davis | Thurgood Marshall Academy
Photo By Maddi Stewart | Sidwell

If you want to serve for a great purpose

Learn to inquire and scrutinize the history of the world

Using history as a secret weapon

Learn to be open-minded and give everyone a chance to share their thoughts

It will be times you find others insightful just like you

It will be times you find others that are preposterous

When you come across preposterous individuals

You must not let those individuals destruct your initiative

Have ambition in all that you assert

Let your drive be the delivery of your ancestors through your soul

Speak your mind and don’t hold back

Because all you are doing is exposing veracities

Understand this is not an easy task

You have to have strong tenacity

Once you become apart of the revolution

You should not think of turning back In a revolution, age ain’t nothing but a number

To revolutionize you can come from any avenue of life

You must know the thin line between life and death

That’s the only liability confronted with this act of integrity

So if you are down with this Intact with the revolution If you are not down with this

No shame in your game

Just don’t try to fluster around the revolution If you are not here to ameliorate

Please stand out of the way

Now watch out world

Revolutionaries are here now and until justice prevails