The Duality of the Lemon

By Lily Min | Flint Hill

The lemon, yellow as the sun

Glowing in all of its grandeur,

Shaped like a football, and no less important

The lemon, cut by a knife

Like rumors cutting into your soul

Sharp as glass, smooth as butter

The lemon, placed in your mouth

The juices exploding with every bite

As if your mouth was attacked by the taste

The lemon, twisting your face

It’s acidity burning your mouth

It’s sourness scrunching your nose

The lemon, rejected by humanity

Scorned upon by others

Rendered utterly useless

The lemon, lacking self-confidence

Feeling worthless

Losing hope

The lemon, different than the others

Feels white on the inside

Yet sporting a screamingly yellow exterior

The lemon, juices acquired

Adding the liquid of life

Adding the syrup of heaven

The lemon, transformed completely

Into a new and glorious taste

The nectar of the gods

The lemon, once lost Is now found in

its new identity

Is hopeful once more

The lemon, feeling unique

Has talents aplenty to share

Is reassured of its worth

The lemon, feeling comfort

With its newfound friends

Different but united through the ade

The lemon, feeling deceived

Sour once, then sweet

The duality of the lemon