The IMportance of Jane

Deidra Hoyt, Edmund Burke '18

A poem inspired by the telenovela Jane the Virgin. (Published: 2017)

Illustration by Noor Amin, Sidwell '19

The Importance of Jane

I do not know you,

I only know that you are like me.

Dark eyes and darker hair,

except I’m down here and you’re up there.

Up there,

on television.

I watch a lot of TV,


But never before had I seen

a character so much like me.

A latina mom who lives rashly,

but loves her family fiercely?


An adopted Mexican-American girl

ashamed of her heritage?

It’s the same narrative.

Jane Gloriana Villanueva

is the first time I’m seeing

a 3D, latina character.

even if it is on a telenovela.

Many see a funny TV show,

I see my culture.

Others see a love triangle,

I see something bolder.

I see Jane going after her dreams

with the same latin fire

that was used against us.

Your dreams as a writer.

Jane, you truly inspire.

Foolishly, I thought

I can’t be latina and a writer,

I write in English!

But you’ve made my shoulders lighter.

I can be all this, and a fighter.

So thank you Jane for showing me a way.

to live life fearlessly,

to see through each day.

You face life without fear,

instead with love.

The way is now clear

for girls like us.