We bleed america

Poem and Art By Parker Alexander | Sidwell Friends

You stole us away in ships

Starved, parched, half-dead

You made us grow your sugarcane,

Pick your cotton,

You whipped us until our backs were drenched in blood

But we bleed America

You divided us, said that we were a fraction

Made us fight for your freedom

Yet barred us from reaping the benefits

Beat us until all we knew was pain

Bruises, black and purple

But our blood is red, white, and blue

We bleed America

When we cry, our tears form perfect stars

When we sing, our voices coalesce into a banner

Of red and white stripes

And we raise our flag with pride and dignity,

Recite the pledges by heart, with heart

Because it is our heart

Our veins pump America

You whipped America

You enslaved America

You lynched America

You raped America

You stole our genius and made us shine your shoes

You kill us when you think we are wrong, when we are right

Because we are right

Because to you

Our existence is a crime punishable by death

Yet America thrives

Our souls are electricity, illuminating the cityscapes

Our laughter is the morning sun, shining over the mountains

Our tears are the waves, lapping the coast

We have been, will be, and are America

Even when we are silenced

When we are beaten

When we are choked

We stand for America, we fight for America

Even when all you do Is kill America

But America is tired

Tired of constantly asking, protesting, pleading to be heard

We have demanded the right to be recognized

The right to breathe

The right to live

Now, America wants you to actually listen for once

And protect our husbands, our wives, our partners, our children

Because they are America

We are America

And America shouldn’t have to live their life

Being followed at stores

Being blocked by closed doors

Watching a mob march through their town,

Declaring that they are supreme

Being pulled over by a trigger-happy cop

Hoping that he doesn’t share the angry mob’s pallid vision for America

Having to plead for their life With a gun inches away from their head

Please don’t shoot

Don’t shoot


But all you ever do is pull the trigger

And when the crack from the gunshot fades

The blood trickles down




Same as always